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Alexandru Iordan, partner at SAF+, officially selected as Clean 50 Emerging Leader

MONTREAL, October 3rd, 2019/ – It is with great honour that our Partner Alexandru Iordan, has been selected as a 2020 Clean 50® Emerging Leader.

Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization to recognize those 50 individuals, who have done the most to advance the causes of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the past 2 years.

We, at SAF+, are proud of this achievement since it reflects well on the kind of people needed to lead this great technological endeavour; true leaders commanding efforts to provide Canadians with a better future. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with the main value of SAF+: our commitment to a sustainable climate.”,said Jean Paquin, President & CEO of SAF+.

Alexandru Iordan was chosen after rigorous screening and research by Delta Management, with advice from internal researchers and external advisors, and was among just 50 Honourees selected from an initial pool of approximately 750 very well-qualified nominees from across Canada. Delta’s criteria in determining honourees is to carefully consider actual measurable accomplishments, demonstrated innovation, collaboration with other organizations, and the power of the honouree’s contribution to inspire other Canadians to take similar action.

“The Clean50 comes from a very broad array of backgrounds, such that only a few individuals are able to be recognized within any given category.  To receive a Clean50 award is truly indicative of Alexandru’s leadership, both within their organization and within the category in which Alexandru was named:  Emerging Leader Category, sponsored by Unilever,” explained the Delta Management Group.

“These individuals are rarely waiting for regulations to drive forward – but are leading by example and strategically harnessing sustainability as a force for innovation within their organizations.  The individuals we chose for the Clean50 this year are true leaders and should be an inspiration for all Canadians,” mentioned the Delta Management Group.

Alexandru Iordan will be amongst the 120 past and incoming Clean50 Honourees meeting on Thursday, October 3rdat the “Clean50 Summit 9.0” in Toronto, to spend a day amongst peers and colleagues tackling critical sustainability challenges facing Canada.

About Alexandru Iordan & SAF+

ALEXANDRU IORDAN– By initiating and co-founding the sustainable aviation fuel initiative SAF+, Alex and his CCG partners (General Manager of CCG, Pascal Genevieve and President & CEO of SAF+, Jean Paquin), are aiming to turn Montreal into a global hub for sustainable aviation by producing 50 million litres of clean jet fuel a year through the capture and conversion of 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions from a nearby industrial plant. Alex helped SAF+ secure a $2 million grant as finalists in the federal government’s “Sky is the Limit” Challenge. Always a champion for the low-carbon economy, he co-founded Quebec Net Positive (with Clean50 Honouree Anne-Josée Laquerre) to mobilize Quebec businesses so that they can reap the benefits of the low-carbon economy emerging on a global scale.

SAF+( is a Quebec firm specializing in the development of clean fuel made by capturing CO2 emissions from industrial sources. It brings together leading actors spanning the entire aviation value chain to provide Canadians with a sustainable business solution for low-carbon flights.

About the Delta Management Group

Formed in 1992, Delta Management Group is a twenty-three-year-old boutique search firm with the leading practice in “green collar” / “green professionals” search in Canada, including clean tech, corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals. It is Canada’s Clean50 prime mover and steward and has a long track record of building exceptional teams and working closely with management and stakeholders on a long-term basis as a trusted advisor and true business partner.

For further information: SAF+ public relations, Jean Paquin, (438) 438.9145


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