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A sector already in transition
The energy sector powers the equipment and installations of all other sectors, making it essential to our societies. Thus, all actors in the value chain are concerned by the energy and climate transition: producers and distributors of fossil or renewable energy, large consumers and regulatory authorities. To fulfill the objectives of the Paris Agreement, a new energy landscape is to take shape over the coming decades.

Our services for the energy sector

Green Finance

Get assistance in obtaining funding to reduce your GHG emissions and modernize your industrial systems. or equipment.


Acquire knowledge and tools to become leaders in climate action.

GHG Inventory

Identify and quantify GHG emissions for your organization, product(s) or project.

Climate Transition

Develop a customized approach to measure, reduce, and offset your greenhouse gas emissions.


Get expert guidance for verification of GHG inventories or reduction claims under a certification or funding program.


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