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Climate transition

Align your activities with the 2°C trajectory

In Quebec and Canada, carbon pricing is imposing an increasing cost on GHG emissions. These two jurisdictions have also set ambitious targets for reducing their GHG emissions. Achieving these objectives requires a profound transformation of our activities, which will have major repercussions for all economic players.

Defining a climate transition strategy

We guide you in the integration of the fight against climate change within your organization by setting up a long-term approach.

Goal setting

Based on the GHG emissions inventory, CCG helps you define your emissions reduction goals:

  • “Which target is relevant to my sector of activity?”
  • “What is the timeframe for achieving carbon neutrality?”

Definition of an action plan

We can advise you on the most effective strategies to reduce your GHG emissions while minimizing the risk of lost productivity or market loss.

Compensation approach

CCG supports you in the selection of projects generating offset credits in accordance with your values. These projects can also take place in your value chain, creating a stronger place of engagement with your partners.

We operate in the following sectors


Airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers together face the challenges of compliance and reducing their GHG emissions.


Have a GHG emissions inventory carried out on your buildings in operation or under construction.


The energy transition calls for actors in the field to rethink energy production, transport and consumption.


Reduce your operating and compliance costs by modernizing your assets while reducing your GHG emissions.


Grasp the Learn about opportunities to finance your technologies by estimating the GHG emission reductions they generate.


Close to citizens, municipalities are recognized as key players in the fight against climate change.


The majority of these companies’ GHG emissions are in their value chain.


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