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Actors at the forefront of climate change

Municipalities play a central role in the fight against climate change. They have many levers at their disposal to reduce GHG emissions from their activities and on their territory, such as urban planning, waste management and the development of public and active transportation.

Faced with the impact of climate change, municipal actors have the responsibility to ensure the resilience of communities by deploying adaptation measures to reduce their vulnerabilities.

Our services for municipalities

Climate risk analysis

Determine your vulnerabilities to climate change and devise risk mitigation measures.

Project development

Accelerate your transition with our innovative and concrete ideas for climate change and resilience projects.


Acquire knowledge and tools to become leaders in climate change.

GHG Inventory

Identify and quantify GHG emissions for your organization, product(s) or project.

Green Finance

Get assistance in obtaining funding to reduce your GHG emissions and modernize your industrial systems. or equipment.

Adaptation process

Implement an integrated and inclusive approach for engaging your stakeholders. Apply recognized guides and reference frameworks.

Climate Transition

Develop a customized approach to measure, reduce, and offset your greenhouse gas emissions.


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