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Climate change affects organizations of all kinds. Discover the climate change initiatives that are most relevant to your sector.


Airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers together face the challenges of compliance and reducing their GHG emissions.


Have a GHG emissions inventory carried out on your buildings in operation or under construction.


Seize opportunities to finance your technologies by estimating the GHG emission reductions they generate.


The energy transition calls for actors in the field to rethink energy production, transport and consumption.


The financial sector faces climate-related risks while being an important lever for action through green financing.


Reduce your operating and compliance costs by modernizing your assets while reducing your GHG emissions.


Close to citizens, municipalities are recognized as key players in the fight against climate change.


The majority of these companies’ GHG emissions are in their value chain.


We understand your issues, whether they relate to climate change mitigation or adaptation. Thanks to the tools and methodologies we have developed over the years, we offer effective and proven solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

Adaptation process

Implement an integrated and inclusive approach for engaging your stakeholders. Apply recognized guides and reference frameworks.


Get expert guidance for verification of GHG inventories or reduction claims under a certification or funding program.

Climate risk analysis

Determine your vulnerabilities to climate change and devise risk mitigation measures.

Climate Transition

Develop a customized approach to measure, reduce, and offset your greenhouse gas emissions.

GHG Inventory

Identify and quantify GHG emissions for your organization, product(s) or project.

Green Finance

Get assistance in obtaining funding to reduce your GHG emissions and modernize your industrial systems or equipment.

Project Development

Accelerate your transition with our innovative and concrete ideas for climate change and resilience projects.


Acquire knowledge and tools to become leaders in climate action.

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