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Climate risks analysis

The consequences of climate change are already well underway, and all regions of Quebec and Canada are affected. The increase in floods, landslides, heat waves and other climatic hazards is disrupting the continuity of economic activities and municipal services, ecosystems and citizens’ lives.

Vulnerability Analysis

CCG conducts vulnerability analyses to identify climate risks that can affect the health and safety of citizens, economic activities, and natural environments. Through the use of geomatics data, CCG generates precise geographic maps of vulnerabilities in the territories analyzed.

Business Continuity Risk Analysis

CCG identifies activities that are directly or indirectly at risk from the consequences of climate change. A systems approach is used to understand the interactions and identify vulnerabilities and risks to your operations:

  • “Which risks is my business exposed to?”
  • “What are the potential costs of climate events to my assets? How to they compare to investments in resilience?”

We operate in the following sectors


Airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers together face the challenges of compliance and reducing their GHG emissions.


Reduce your operating and compliance costs by modernizing your assets while reducing your GHG emissions.


The energy transition calls for actors in the field to rethink energy production, transport and consumption.


Close to citizens, municipalities are recognized as key players in the fight against climate change.


The majority of these companies’ GHG emissions are in their value chain.


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