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Our training courses are mainly aimed at professionals from the private and public sectors, as well as graduate students. Our bilingual experts, train several hundreds of people per year in the fields of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Our approach is rigorous, personalized, fun and interactive. We adapt the duration and content of our training courses to the needs of the participants.

Our classic training courses

GHG Inventory :

  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • GHG reduction potential of CO2 conversion technologies

Climate transition

  • Green financing opportunity for SMEs
  • Introduction to carbon market regulation
  • Carbon market compliance strategy

Adaptation to climate change

  • Learning the basics of adaptation for elected officials and municipal government officials
  • The engineer and adaptation
  • Adapting to Climate Change for Quebec: A Practitioner’s Vision

Sustainable finance

  • Investing wisely in a changing climate environment
  • Overview of Climate Disclosure Requirements

Our playful trainings

Climate Fresk
Jeu Climat
Climate game

We operate in the following sectors


Airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers together face the challenges of compliance and reducing their GHG emissions.


Have a GHG emissions inventory carried out on your buildings in operation or under construction.


The energy transition calls for actors in the field to rethink energy production, transport and consumption.


The financial sector faces climate-related risks while being an important lever for action through green financing.


Reduce your operating and compliance costs by modernizing your assets while reducing your GHG emissions.


Close to citizens, municipalities are recognized as key players in the fight against climate change.


The majority of these companies’ GHG emissions are in their value chain.


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