CLIMAT is officially launched in Canada. 

CLIMAT: the first serious game to train decision makers on climate issues, is officially launched in Canada. 

This week, Carbon Consult Group (CCG) and WASA Games are launching CLIMAT, an interactive, unique workshop which will make managing climate-related business issues intuitive for decision-makers in companies, municipalities, and other organizations.  

By combining WASA Games’ expertise in learning gamification with CCG’s on-the-ground experience and know-how, the workshop allows participants to quickly acquire concepts through an unconventional, disruptive experience. Resulting from over a year of development, the design and dynamics of the game reproduce situations and impacts inspired by real cases that offer participants an immersive experience asking them to tackle climate-related issues. 

“ CCG is particularly excited to offer an innovative learning platform that allows participants not only to better understand causes of climate change, but also to grasp the benefits of adopting enterprise risk management measures, for example risks related to infrastructure, supply, and regulations. This reinforces their autonomy on these subjects and will help to make their action plans more robust ”, says Alexandru Iordan, Senior director at CCG. 

This training was born out of the need for business and political decision-makers to better understand issues related to climate mitigation and adaptation in a more fundamental way; allowing them in the process to take long term beneficial decisions. 

“ Following the success of the Quartier Durable game, we wanted to create a version that was more focused on climate issues. It is therefore without hesitation that we responded to CCG’s call to co-create a workshop aimed at empowering decision makers and managers. In addition to help participants grasp key concepts, CLIMAT creates a friendly environment that encourages exchanges and the development of teamwork skills ”, explains Julie Tremblay, co-founder of WASA Games. 

The workshop has already made its mark with Concordia JMSB’s 2019 executive-MBA cohort and continues to be solicited by training bodies and companies looking to acquire the right tools to support their climate strategy.  

To fulfill its mission of raising awareness amongst all audiences, WASA Games is offering free workshops to elementary and high schools for each given CLIMAT training. 

Lean more on CCG’s website or contact CCG to discuss a training adapted to your needs. 

About Carbon Consult Group: 

Carbon Consult Group is an independent consulting firm specializing in GHG emissions management, climate change adaptation, and sustainable finance. Based in Montreal, the company has extensive expertise in compliance with GHG emissions regulations, carbon accounting for organizations and projects, strategic risk management associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy, and climate change risks analysis. 

About WASA Games:  

WASA Games is a gamification consultation organization that creates and hosts serious games to facilitate the implementation of sustainable practices in corporate and school environments. Its Quartier Durable tool is the first building game on Québec cities. WASA Games is the gold laureate of the VIII Francophony Games in the “Sustainable Development Creation” category. 


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