ACT: A multidimensional strategic approach, from willingness to action

What if climate change became the focus of your business strategy?

With increasing pressure from stakeholders (customers, employees, investors, etc.), companies must adapt to new market realities by adopting low-carbon practices and directing their operations towards a low-carbon economy. To this end, many tools are being put in place to allow companies to assess their climate maturity in order to obtain solutions specific to their reality.

ACT – Assessing Low Carbon Transition®, a strategic approach developed by ADEME and CDP is one of these tools to transform your company towards a low-carbon business model. By measuring your climate commitment through a diagnostic, we assess your climate performance in order to offer you a “step-by-step” support, to develop your vision and to concretize it through concrete and measurable actions.

These services are eligible for the Écoleader Fund‘s financing program and you could then benefit from grants to finance your GHG reduction projects within your company.

At CCG, our ACT offer is divided into 3 services, customizable to your reality:

  • Strategic Climate Action Diagnosis: this basic service allows your company to discover its progress towards a low-carbon model in 9 key areas (business model, management team, targets, tangible and intangible investments, customers, suppliers, policies and commitments, and performance of products or services sold), followed by a strategic transition report to move you forward in the near future.
  • ACT step-by-step: this service is a complete accompaniment that allows an analysis of your company’s performance and that subsequently contributes to your transition: from the definition of a vision and a strategy to the implementation and follow-up of actions. This service is spread out over a long period of time to allow for the integration of new practices and a progressive evolution.
  • ACT Evaluation: this service evaluates you by giving you 3 scores: a performance score, a narrative score and a trend score in order to follow your progress and evaluate the current situation of your company. A good example is Decathlon, having obtained a score of “15 B =” which takes into account its current efforts and provides a hypothesis on its future evolution in terms of climate transition.

In addition to accompanying you in these steps, we take into account the transition risks and we can offer you a complete change management approach with our partner BRAV.

Interested in one of our ACT – Assessing Low Carbon Transition® services? Contact us now so we can plan your transition together!

ACT now!


Charlotte Hulin


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