OASIS, or how to finance green projects

How can we improve the quality of life while reducing climate change risks?

Greening projects offer a solution, especially when they are designed to address local issues such as heat islands or flooding. That’s why the Quebec government has set up the OASIS funding program.

This $113.6 million program aims to provide financial support to municipal organizations and Aboriginal communities for their climate change adaptation projects. Covering up to 80% of eligible expenses, its ultimate goal is to preserve the health of citizens and improve the resilience of municipalities and communities. This program has three components:

  • Component 1 for planning greening projects, ($50,000 to $2 million);
  • Component 2 to facilitate the implementation of green infrastructure to prevent and reduce the risks associated with increased heat waves and rainstorms ($2 million to $25 million);
  • Component 3 for green infrastructure maintenance projects funded under Tier 2 (up to $2 million).

For organizations that do not have a risk analysis, Component 1 provides funding for this activity. In fact, it allows the realization of risk analysis related to heat and heavy rains. This type of analysis is framed by guidelines that emphasize the use of a geographic information system (GIS) to represent the risks to populations and infrastructure. Mapping thus plays a central role in identifying these risks. These are the same tools that CCG’s team of experts has deployed in the realization of adaptation plans with Quebec municipalities and MRCs, such as Candiac, Victoriaville, the MRC Mékinac or the MRC de l’Érable. Consultation costs, such as consultation activities with stakeholders, are part of the eligible expenses.

Organizations that already have a risk analysis can apply for funding under Stream 2.

If you are interested in implementing adaptation projects, CCG and its partners such as Action ClimatiQ and Rousseau Lefebvre are able to assist you in all stages, from planning to implementation. 

The program is open until March 31st, 2025, or until the funds run out. It is therefore suggested that you submit projects as soon as possible to maximize your chances of receiving funding.

Additional information

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