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Gamified approach to climate change management

An essential training for managers responsible for strategy, finance, operations, and the environment. An excellent team-building and awareness-raising experience to offer to all employees!

Carbon Consult Group, in collaboration with Wasa Games, offers you a new gamified training, unique on the market, aimed at making the management of climate-related business issues intuitive.

Intended for organizations of all sizes, this training allows participants to acquire knowledge and key concepts, both in of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and in the adaptation of operations to climate change risks. the management

Why choose a gamified formula over a classic one?

The innovative concept of « Serious games », meaning educations games, are reputed for offering a much richer, interactive, and effective experience that facilitates team mobilization and awareness promotion efforts.

Jeu Climat has demonstrated its effectiveness with the John Molson School of Business’ executive-MBA program.

Inspired from real case studies

By combining the multi-award winning WASA board game with CGG’s field experience and expertise, we have succeeded in creating the first serious game focused on climate. Resulting from a year of development, the design and dynamics of the game reproduce situations inspired by real cases to produce an immersive experience.

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